In order to offer an AP course and facilitate the process of students registering to take an exam, each individual teacher of an AP course offering at a school must submit a course audit to College Board. The process below outlines the steps that teachers of Collaborative and Whole School AP courses can take to submit their audit and gain access to resources from College Board.

  1. Teachers should go to the AP Central College Board website and sign in using your existing account credentials.  You may also create a new account (using your school email address) via the Sign In button.  
    • If you already have one account, please do not create another as this may cause issues in the auditing process.  You will get an error message if you are attempting to create a new account with a registered email address.  In this case, try recovering your username and password.
  2. Once your account is created, you should start the process of creating your AP Course Audit. 
    1. On your ‘AP Course Audit’ homepage, select the Add Course button. 
    2. On the pop-up options, you will select the Online Delivery option, add your course info, and Submit. This will then submit your audit to your local school/districts’ AP Coordinator (APC). The APC will need to verify your info and approve the audit before you will be able to move forward.
  3. Once approved by your APC, you will need to either:
    1. Submit Course Document – For Michigan Virtual courses, upload the AP Approved Syllabus for each course and, once approved, you’ll have the option to “Claim Identical” to that approved syllabus. (Please submit a Resolve ticket if you need help locating a Michigan Virtual course syllabus.)
    2. Adopt Unit Guides/Sample Syllabus – For vendor courses, including those created by Florida Virtual, choose this option. Refer to the Course Audit Overview for more information on adopting unit guides and syllabi.
  4. The APC will then create a section for their teacher and this process will create a “join code” for the teachers’ students to access My AP Login .  Helping Students Join Your AP Class Section  is a helpful document from the College Board about sharing that join code and having students access the online materials.