Site administrators have the ability to login as another user in their school. Viewing the Classlist in Brightspace allows the administrators to choose the person (student, teacher, etc.) to impersonate.


  1. First, tap Course Admin from the top navbar.
  2. Next, select Classlist within the Learner Management section.
    The Course Administration page is shown with arrows pointing to the Course Admin link in the top navbar and to the Class list link in the Learner Management section.
  3. As a result a list of user accounts in your school will appear. Now, tap the drop-down arrow next to the name of the person you would like to impersonate and then tap Impersonate. In the example below, a student account was selected to impersonate.The Class list page is shown with the drop-down menu displayed. An arrow points from the drop-down to the Impersonate option.
  4. Next, a confirmation dialog box will appear, tap Yes to continue.
    The Confirmation dialog box is shown which reads, "Confirmation. Impersonate participant. This suspends your current session and logs you in as the selected user. Continue?"
  5. At this point, you will be accessing the selected users Brightspace account. You will see the word "Impersonating" below the user name in the top right corner.
    The brightspace homepage for a student is shown. An arrow points to the Impersonating text below the student name in the top right corner.
    From this page, you can view the users courses in the My Courses section. If a course is selected, administrators can see the gradebook, progress or simply navigate through the course.
  6. Finally, to stop impersonating the selected users account, tap the student name in top right corner and select the X next to Impersonating...
    The brightspace homepage is shown with the users profile menu displayed. An arrow points next to the X to the right of Impersonating user.