This document describes how to manually grade quiz responses.


  1. First, tap Quizzes from the top navbar. 
  2. Next, with the Manage Quizzes tab selected, tap the drop-down icon next to the appropriate quiz title and then choose Grade.
  3. At this point, choose to either grade/View by Users, Attempts, or by Questions. Tap the desired tab and then follow instructs as it pertains to your choice below.
    • Users - Tap the linked attempt (with number) just below the student name. Scroll to the bottom to view their quiz responses. Enter the Final Score (if not auto graded) and then tap the Update or Save and Continue button.
    • Attempts - Select the linked text within the Attempt column. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view their score. If not auto graded, enter the score the student earned. Tap the Update or Save and Continue button to continue to grade additional quizzes.
    • Questions - Scroll down and click on each question.
    • You can then view the question and student response.  You can enter the score for that question and click Save and Continue to continue grading additional responses for that question.  When you have graded all attempts, click Save.
      Note: You can hide student details from the grading process by checking the Blind Marking box. Also, if the View Graded Responses checkbox is checked, you will also see previously graded questions (either human or computer-scored).