The grades you manually enter for quizzes, discussions, and assignments grade items are automatically synchronized back to Quizzes, Discussions and Assignments.

Note: Assignments and Discussions grades are synchronized when the tools are updated by the Brightspace API or when you import your grade book via CSV, TSV, or Excel.

There are several ways you can assess assignments:

  • Use built-in annotation tools to mark up submissions using highlighting, free-hand drawing, shapes, and associated commenting.
  • Evaluate anonymized user submissions to remove bias in the grading process.
  • Evaluate submissions and leave feedback directly on the Submission page.
  • Evaluate submissions directly within attached rubrics and leave feedback directly on the Submission page.
  • Evaluate external submissions and leave feedback in an assignment.
  • If OriginalityCheck is enabled at your organization, you can use the GradeMark functionality to add comments, insert inline text, and highlight sections in file submissions directly in Assignments.
  • Download user submissions and leave feedback within the files, then upload them back into the appropriate assignment so they appear as attachments to each user's submission evaluation.


  1. First, tap Assignments from the top navbar. 
  2. Next, tap the linked title for the assignment you would like to grade.
  3. As a result, the assignment submissions page will be displayed. From here tap the linked student name.
    Note: You can click View By and choose the student you want to grade. You can also click Show Search Options and narrow down what or who you would like to grade.
  4. At this point, tap the linked assignment title to view or download the student’s submission. If the student has uploaded a document, you can directly annotate on their document. With annotations you have access to a variety of inline markup options. You can highlight, strike through, add notes, textboxes, and draw lines.
  5. Now, utilize the right side menu to apply a grade and submit feedback. If you used the rubric to grade with the score will appear under Score. If you did not use a rubric to grade with, you can input the score the student earned.
    Note: If there is a rubric associated with the assignment you can use that to grade, by clicking on the rubric in the evaluation pane on the right. You can then click on the the levels the student achieved, or assign a score. If you want to change or add feedback associated with each criterion, click Criterion Feedback. You can remove feedback by clicking on the X, select Clear selection. When you are finished grading with the rubric, click Close.
  6. Provide additional comments, suggestions, and feedback in the Feedback field.  You can also Add a File, Record Audio, or Record Video as feedback.
  7. Click Save Draft or Publish to release your feedback. Click Back to Submissions to return to Assignments.