If you want your activities (assignment, quiz, or discussion) to appear in the Grade Book, you must create a Grade Item and link the activity to it. Categories are optional, and a way to organize the activities in your grade book. This article will describe how to create both. 

If needed, refer to Delete Grade Items or Categories should the Item or Category need to be removed. 


Create a Grade Item

  1. First, tap Grades from the top navbar and then select the Manage Grades tab below.
  2. Next, select the New drop-down button and then select Item.
  3. Next, choose the type of grade item you wish to create.

    Note: Numeric is the recommended type, unless you have a specific goal in mind.

  4. At this point a new window will open. The option you chose in the previous step will determine what follow up information is needed next. The page below reflects the Numeric options.

    1. Assign a Name to the item, and set Maximum Points.
      Note: Be sure to give the grade item a max points greater than 0. If you are using a Weighted grade book, then a Weight will also have to be assigned.

    2. Checking Can Exceed will allow the grade item to exceed the designated maximum points.

    3. Checking Bonus will mean that only it's points received will count toward the final score, and not its maximum points.

  5. Choose the Grade Scheme for your Grade Item.
    Note: Your district  will have a Default Scheme (Percentage), but you can choose your own.

    Finally, tap the Save and Close button to apply changes and return to the Choose a Grade Item Type page.

    Create a Grade Category

    1. Begin by tapping Grades from the top navbar and then selecting the Manage Grades tab below.
    2. Next, select the New drop-down button and then select Category.
    3. As a result, a new page will open. 
      1. Insert a title in the Name field.
        Note: Michigan Virtual courses are organized in the grade book using Unit categories and points. Alternatively you could use Weeks, Quizzes, Discussions, Assignments, etc.
      2. (Optional) Check Can Exceed to allow user grades to exceed the value of the category.
      3. (Optional) Check Exclude from Final Grade Calculation only if you are choosing to remove this category and its grade items from counting toward the students final grade.
      4. (Optional) Check Distribute points across all items to divide weight evenly across all items. Distributing the points/weight evenly allows you to drop however many lowest or highest grades the student receives within the category.
        • For Weighted Grade Books: This setting allows you to either distribute the weight of the items inside of the category based on their point values, or spread the categories weight evenly to all items.
        • For Points Grade Books: This setting allows you to give all items in the category the same points value.
      5. When finished, tap Save and Close to apply your changes and return to the Manage Grades tab.