This article describes how to associate a quiz with a grade item in the Brightspace Gradebook. 


  1. First, tap Quizzes from the top navbar. By default the Manage Quizzes tab is selected. 
  2. Next, scroll down the table and locate the quiz that you want to associate with a grade item. 
  3. Once located, tap the linked quiz title. 
  4. At this point, select the Assessment tab.
  5. Under the Grade Item section, select the drop-down menu and choose the gradebook item you want to associate this quiz with.
    The Assessments page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Grade Item drop-down field. Note: Selecting the Allow automatic exports to grades checkbox of the Auto Export to Grades section will automatically display auto-graded items immediately in the gradebook. Refer to Michigan Virtual Quiz Suggested Settings.
    • If there is no corresponding gradebook item for the quiz and one needs to be created, you can click on the [add grade item]link.
      1. Type the name of the grade item in the Name field. This name will be displayed in the grade book.
      2. Give your grade item a Short Name if desired. A short name can be used to save room in the grade book but is not required. If you give the grade item a short name, the short name will be displayed in the grade book.
      3. Choose a Category using the drop-down menu if desired. Categories are a way to organize the grade items in your Gradebook.
        Note: You can set your categories up in your gradebook by Unit, Week, or Assignment type (Quizzes, Tests, Discussions, etc.)Enter the Maximum Points for your grade item. This should match the point value of the assignment.
      4. The other Grade Item settings are optional, you can click on the question mark icon for more information if you choose to use them. 
      5. Click Save.