Quiz settings can be adjusted when you create or edit a quiz. The instructions below are the Michigan Virtual suggested settings and which can be modified by adjusting information within the Properties, Restrictions, Assessments, and Submission Views tabs.

Currently there are no suggested settings for Objectives or Reports Setup tabs. 



  • General 
    1. Name: This field should contain the quiz title and should be structured in 1.1 Quiz: Title format.
    2. Quiz Category: This setting will put the quiz in a category within your quiz list page.
      The General section of the Properties section is shown displaying the Name and Category fields.
  • Quiz Questions
    1. Total: Ensure that the total quiz question points are accurate.
      The Quiz Questions section table is shown with a list of the questions and allotted points. An arrow points to the total at the bottom of the table.
  • Description/Introduction
    1. Description: In this area: 
      1. Ensure that the Description is toggled to On
      2. Use Heading 3 (H3) for Points, Color MV blue (135e6f). These should be at the top of every graded assignment.
      3. Insert quiz description/directions. You do not need to put any timing or number of attempts in this area.
        The Description area is shown in the Properties tab. Arrows point to the on toggle, the H3 setting and from the color drop-down to the Hex value. Another arrow points to the save button in the select a color pop-up.
  • Optional Advanced Properties: Tap "Expand optional advanced properties" to show the advanced property settings. 
    1. Disable right click: Check this box
    2. Disable Email, Instant Messages and alerts: Check this box.
      The Optional Advanced Properties section is shown with checked boxes as mentioned above. Arrows point to both checkboxes.


  • Timing
    1. Ensure radio option Enforced Time Limit is selected.
    2. Time Limit: Set to 
      1. 60 minutes for a Quiz, 
      2. 90 minutes for a Unit Test, or 
      3. 120 minutes for a Midterm or Final Exam
    3. Grace Period: Set to 1 minute. 
    4. Exceeded Time Limit Behavior: Set to Prevent the student from making further changes.
      The Timing section of the Restrictions tab is shown. Arrows point to all fields mentioned above.
  • Special Access
    1. Type of Access: Set to Allow selected users special access to this quiz.
      The Special Access area on the Restrictions tab is shown with an arrow pointing to the Allow selected users special access to the quiz option.


  • Assessments
    1. Automatic Grade: Automatic Grade: Check the Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion checkbox.
    2. Grade Item: Tap Add Grade Item, title it the same as the Assignment title, Choose the unit the assignment belongs for Category and set maximum points.
    3. Auto Export to Grades: Check the Allow automatic export to grades checkbox.
      The Assessment section of the Assessments tab is shown. Arrows point to the fields mentioned above.
  • Attempts
    1. Attempts Allowed: Set to 1.
    2. Overall Grade Calculation: Set to Highest Attempt.
      The Attempts section of the Assessments tab is shown. Arrows point to both fields as mentioned above.

Submission Views

  • Default View: If the settings are not equal to the list below, tap the Default View link to adjust accordingly. 
    1. Date: immediately
    2. Show Questions? Show all questions with user responses
    3. Show question answers: No
    4. Statistics: none
      The Default View section of the Submission Views tab is shown with an arrow pointing to Default View.