This article describes how to view and manage assignment submissions.


  1. First. tap Assignments from the top navbar. 
  2. Next, tap the drop-down menu located to the right side of the assignment name and then choose View Submissions.
  3. Next, choose the appropriate action: 
    1. Tap the Edit Assignment button to modify assignment details. 
    2. Tap Email Users Without Submissions to send a reminder to students who have not submitted their work. 
    3. Tap Submission Log to view the Started and Submitted timestamps for each student submission.
      The assignment submissions page is displayed showing the fields mentioned above.
    4. View submissions by Users or by Submissions by selecting the appropriate tab so show a slightly different view. Additionally, you may select Show Search Options to narrow your results.

    5. For the returned results, choose to:  
      • Tap Download to download a zip file that includes all of the attached submissions.
      • Tap Email to send a message to another user.
    6. Place a check next to the submissions and select either:
      • Tap Mark as Read which will remove the bold text and register as a read submission. 
      • Tap Mark as Unread which will add bold text and register as an unread submission. 
      • Tap Delete to remove the submission.
    7. To grade, tap the Evaluate link in the appropriate submission row. 

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