Influence how learners move through your course content by withholding it from them until they satisfy a release condition.


  1. First, select Content from the top navbar.
  2. Next, select the material you wish to attach release conditions. 
  3. Then tap the options (three dots to the right side of the Add Existing and Create New buttons) and choose View Release Conditions.
    The contents page is shown with a lesson selected. Arrows point to both the lesson and to the more options icon.
  4. The Release conditions pop-up dialog box will have two options:  
    • Tap Create to build a new release condition.
      1. From the select Condition Type drop-down and then select Visited Content Topic
      2. After selecting the condition type, further options are available in the Condition Details
      3. When finished, tap the Create button.
        The Create a Release Condition pop-up dialog box appears with fields mentioned above. An arrow points to the Create button.
    • Tap Browse to apply an existing condition.
      1. First, place a check next to the desired existing condition. 
      2. Then tap the Attach button to apply.
  5. When finished, tap the Save button.
    The Release Conditions pop-up dialog box is shown with an arrow pointing to the Save button.

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