This document describes how to add materials to your lessons. The newly created material will be displayed at the end of the lesson and hidden from learners. This gives you the opportunity to make changes and choose when the material becomes available to your learners.


  1. First, tap Content from the top navbar.
  2. Next, navigate to the desired lesson using the left menu and then tap the title for which you want to add new materials. 
  3. Now, use the buttons in the top right corner to either, Add Existing or Create New.
    The Content page is shown with a lesson selected. Arrows point to that lesson and to the Add Existing and Create New buttons.
    • Add Existing 
      1. First, select the type of material you would like to add (assignment, quiz, etc.). 
      2. As a result a pop-up dialog box will appear prompting you to choose from the available options within your course. 
      3. Finally, select to add the material. This material will then appear within the lesson you selected in the left menu.  
    • Create New
      1. Begin by selecting the type of material you would like to create.
      2. Next, a pop-up dialog box will appear and guide you through creating the material you selected. Each type of material will yield a different set of fields to populate. 
      3. When finished, tap the Create and Insert button to add your material.

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