Your Brightspace course can have multiple forums and topics, but you must create a forum before you can create a topic since all topics belong to forums. This article describes how to create a Discussion Forum. 


  1. First, tap the Discussions tab in the top navbar. 
  2. Next, select the New drop-down button to then choose New Forum.
    Image shows the Discussions page with available options. An arrow points from the New button to the New Forum option in the menu.
  3. At this point, the New Forum page will be displayed and by default the Properties tab will be shown. 
    1. Begin by typing the forum name within the Title field.
      Note: It may be helpful to create one forum that all of your Discussion Topics will fall under, such as the Title “Class Discussions”.
    2. Next, if desired you may insert forum details using the Description area.
      Note: This is not where you will put your discussion prompt.
    3. At this point, select the Options you will want to use for your discussions.
      Note: The option to check Users must start a thread before they can read and reply to other threads in each topic will require your students to first write their own post before they can view or reply to the other students who have posted.
  4. Finally, tap the Save and Close button to create the forum.
    The New Forum page shows the available fields as described above. An arrow points to the Save and Close button at the bottom of the page.

To proceed with creating topics, proceed to Discussion Topics