This article describes how to create a Quiz within Brightspace. There are 4 steps to this process which are outlined below. 


Step 1. Navigate to the Quizzes Tool

  1. First, tap Quizzes from the top navbar. 
  2. Next, tap New Quiz just below the Manage Quizzes tab.

Step 2. Name the Quiz

  1. By default, the Properties tab will be selected, at this point, type the title of the quiz in the Name field.
    Image of the New Quiz page is shown with the Properties tab selected. An arrow points to the Name field.

Step 3. Add Quiz Questions

  1. Continue by scrolling down the Properties tab and then tap the Add/Edit Questions button.
  2. Next, choose to either:
    • Manually add new questions one at a time, or 
      1. Tap the Add button, select New Question and then choose the appropriate question type.
        Image of prompt to add or import quiz questions. An arrow points from the Add drop-down button to the New Question option.
      2. Next, complete the required fields on the question type selected. 
      3. Then select one of the three save options. 
        • Save - This option will save the question and view the current quiz questions.
        • Save and New - Select the drop-down next to Save and then choose Save and New. This option will allow you to save the current question and start a new question.
        • Save and Copy - Select the drop-down next to Save and then choose Save and Copy. This option will allow you to save the current question and use a copy of the question as your starting point for the next question.
          Image of Save button and options as described above.
    • Import existing questions from the Question Library, or
      1. First, tap the Import button and then select Browse Question Library. For more detailed directions on how to set up a question library, please see How to Set Up Your Question Library.
        Image shows the Import menu expanded. An arrow points to the Browse Question Library option.
      2. Next, from the Question Library, place a check next to the sections or question that you want to include in the quiz and then tap the Add button. 
        The Browse Question Library page is shown with a list of available items to select. All items selected and an arrow points to the Add button.
    • Import existing questions from a file
      1. First, tap the Import button and then select Upload a File
      2. Next, download the CSV template for populating questions from the Upload a File pop-up. For more information about using the CSV file, see How to Add Quiz Questions using a CSV File.
        The Upload a File pop-up dialog box is shown with an arrow pointing to the Download template CSV link.
      3. Then drag and drop your completed template (or use the Browse Files button) to import your questions.
      4. Next, choose to import all questions from that file (Import All) or choose Review to import a subset of the questions.
      5. On the next screen, check the box to the left of each question you want to include in the quiz. 
      6. When you have all the questions that you want, click on the Done Editing Questions button toward the upper right hand corner.
        • Note: If you want to create extra credit (bonus) questions in the quiz, place a checkmark to the left of each question and then select the Edit Values option from the table header. Place a check mark in the Bonus column for those questions. Tap the Save button. You should now see a checkmark in the bonus for each question that you wanted to mark for extra credit.
  3. Next, return to the Properties tab where you can continue to add more features to the quiz. Under the Quiz Questions heading, you can enter the number of questions you want displayed per page. If no value is entered in this box, all questions will appear on the same page.
    • You also can check a box if you want to prevent students from seeing previous pages of the quiz.
    • You are also provided with an option to shuffle quiz questions so that each student sees the questions in a different order.
  4. Next, use the Description box to add a description of the quiz.
  5. Then use the Instruction box, add the text you want students to see when they start the quiz.
  6. Page Header / Footer allows you to add text to the header or footer of the quiz.
  7. At this point, adjust the Optional Advanced Properties, you can:
    • Allow hints - Allow students to view hints you provided with questions.
    • Disable right click - Can help prevent users from copying or printing the quiz.  May not work for all computer/browser combinations.
    • Disable instant messages and alerts - Removes their access to this LMS functions while the quiz is in progress.
  8. The Notification Email box can be used to alert an individual every time someone submits a quiz. 
  9. Finally, tap Save to save your work on the Properties Tab.

To learn how to add Start, End, and Due Date Restrictions, please see How to Restrict a Quiz through Release Conditions.