If you or your student are participating in the Whole School model, you log in directly to the Brightspace learning management system. Please check the address bar in your browser when accessing your courses to confirm it looks like the following:

Note: Courses in the Whole School model will also include your local school district’s colors and branding within the Brightspace LMS.

Visit Whole School Model for support. 


If you or your student are participating in Plus, AP, or Collaborative models, your services include access to our student information system, the Student Learning Portal. The Student Learning Portal acts as a gateway for students to access their courses and for education establishments to manage student data.

Plus, AP, and Collaborative courses are accessed by:

  1. First, Login to the Student Learning Portal.
  2. Next, tap Go to LMS from the left navigation menu.
  3. Then select Brightspace LMS icon.  
    Note: These courses are also hosted on an instance of Brightspace separate from Whole School courses, which can be identified by the URL in your browser’s address bar.