This article provides instructions for completing the "Student List" sheet within the Whole School Data Exchange Template. On the student list, schools will share student data. Each row must be a unique student; students must not appear more than one time in the sheet.


To create a student, Michigan Virtual needs the following data:

  • Student First Name

  • Student Last Name

  • Student’s School Email Address

Important Information:

  • When entering those three fields, please make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.

  • Each student must be assigned a unique email address from the school.  This email address will become the student’s username. If any of the cells in column C are highlighted in yellow, it indicates that the email exists in multiple rows.

  • Columns D and E are for Michigan Virtual’s use and contain formulas. Please do not enter or paste into these cells as it will overwrite the formulas within them. This means that when you copy and paste into columns A-C. make sure that you are not pasting entire rows into the sheet.

    • The Org Defined ID (Column D) will be used by the school when enrolling the student.

      • The formula for the Org Defined ID is [School Prefix]-S-[characters before the @ symbol in student’s email.  
        • E.g., If a school's prefix is ABC and a student's email address is, the Org Defined ID would be ABC-S-astudent.
        • Note: Some schools may choose to use the UIC for a student’s Org Defined ID instead.
    • Student Processed (Column E) lets you know whether the student has been added to the LMS (Yes/No).