Schools use this tab to share information about teachers who need to receive training for the Whole School Model.  This article provides instructions for completing the "Teacher-Training-List" sheet within the Whole School Data Exchange Template. 


To enroll staff in the training, Michigan Virtual will need the following data:

  • Date User Added - this helps us keep track of new additions
    • Double-clicking in a cell will pull up a date picker.
  • Teacher First Name
  • Teacher Last Name
  • Teacher Email
    • Must be their school email address - not a personal email
  • Role 
    • Choose from the available options in the drop-down
  • Teacher PIC
  • Teacher’s Whole School Status
    • When first populated, these should all be set to “active.” However, if a teacher change is made, and a teacher is no longer teaching in this model, please change to “inactive.”
  • Assign to 10-Month Onboarding Course (Yes/No)

When Michigan Virtual processes the teacher’s enrollment, we will put a date in column I.