Similar to Discussion Topics and Assignments, Quizzes, and Tests, teachers can also restrict content to a specific section or sections. This document will explain how to restrict a lesson to one or more sections.


  1. First, tap the Content tab in the top navbar. 
  2. Next, select the title of the content from the vertical left menu. 
  3. Once selected, tap the three horizontal dots and then choose View Release Conditions.
  4. Next, a pop-up dialog box will appear, at this point tap the Create button.
  5. Then choose Section Enrollment from the Condition drop-down field. This can be found within the Classlist section.
  6. Next select the section to apply using the Condition Details field.
    Tip: If you want this assigned to more than one section repeat steps 4-6.
  7. When finished, tap the Create button.
  8. Finally, tap the Save button to apply your changes.

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