I’m building a course from the ground up, where can I find resources to include in my course shell?

Please visit Learning Continuity to access free resources.

In what ways can material (content, assignments, and assessments be accommodated and/or modified for exceptional (IEP) students?

We have two Knowledge Base articles that deal with this topic, we suggest that schools review them to adopt a similar approach locally; (1) Accommodations and Accessibility Guidelines and (2) Individualized Learning Plan and 504 Plan Suggested Accommodations.

Can you share some insights on the SPED providers with Michigan Virtual courses? Is there a view option/access for SpEd teachers to see what their students are doing within the courses being taught?

Yes there will be a view option for Special Education teachers, we are still exploring what “role” we would want to assign to these teachers to allow for those views, we will be able to share more details as we complete more testing.

Can the whole school model select their start and end dates or do they have to directly align with what is posted for Michigan Virtual.

The Whole School dates are specific to the school’s start and end dates.

Will Brightspace connect with my school’s SIS or other third party?

At this time this feature is not an option.

My student forgot their password? How can I reset it?

Any student can visit the Login page, type in their school provided email as their username and then select “Forgot my Password”. As a teacher or site administrator, you also have the ability to reset a password by going to course admin > classlist > selecting the student and then clicking on the arrow to select “Send Email Password Reset Link”.

I’m having difficulty with the Instructor Profile Quiz in the Teacher On-boarding Course, why am I unable to retake the quiz?

We have adjusted the amount of times a learner can take this quiz, however a browser refresh is necessary to attempt the quiz again.

How long will it take for me to get SCECH?

Once you have completed the On-Boarding course, an evaluation from MOECS will be sent to you. It is required that you take the evaluation. Once that is complete, it takes approximately 10 business days for the update to show in MOECS.

Can I get partial credit for the On-boarding course?

Unfortunately full completion of the course is needed to get SCECH. There is no partial credit for this course.

Is there a built-in video conferencing tool in Brightspace?

There is not a live / synchronous video conferencing tool in Brightspace, however it does have embedded tools for instructors to record and add video or audio to announcements, assignment directions, and grading feedback, as well as for students to record and submit video or video for assignments, discussion posts, or written response questions on quizzes.

I cannot delete what I have created in Brightspace, Help!

There is no “delete” option in Brightspace, you will be able to “Hide” information. View our How to Hide Content tutorial.

Can I see a “Student View” in Brightspace?

YES! If you go into a course, you can click on the student name from the top right corner then select "view as student".

My course was titled wrong, how can I make the correction?

Teachers or Site Admins can go to a course > course admin > course offering information and change the name there themselves.

Michigan Virtual uses a different textbook than what I am using, do I need to buy a new text?

No. If you have a class that uses a different text, you can still use the content that is provided. If there is a section that refers to a Michigan Virtual text, we recommend that you “hide” that section in Brightspace and add what is relevant to your school’s current text.

Do your courses use YouTube?

Most of our courses do use YouTube, this may be something that will need to be “Whitelisted” in your district.

Can you edit existing Michigan Virtual Quizzes?

Yes! This permission is now available.

Can I add a co-teacher to my course?

Yes! We can add additional teachers to your course, this is a request you can make to your site admin, and Michigan Virtual will update the course once the information is received.

What is the latest version I need on my device to run Brightspace?

Please visit the Brightspace Browser Support page for recommendations.

My student is unable to see their course from the homepage suddenly, how can this get resolved?

Courses can be “pinned” so that they stay on the students homepage. If the pin was removed, the course can be found by selecting the “All” tab, selecting “View all Courses” below the course icons or by clicking the “waffle” icon on the navigation bar next to the students name to navigate between courses. Please review Student Orientation to Online Learning for a better understanding on how to navigate.

What does Michigan Virtual recommend for devices?

Michigan Virtual recommends that students have a desktop or laptop devise, with an updated browser (Chrome is recommended) for our courses. Course content may be accessible with tablets, iPads, or mobile devices, but completing assignments may be difficult from these devices. For more information see our technical requirements.

Is the gradebook Weighted?

No. Our gradebook is not weighted, it is built upon a point system. You can however, set up your gradebook to have weights. Please visit Setting Up the Grade book for information on how to do this. This is an available feature regardless of whether you are creating a course or teaching from an existing Michigan Virtual course.

I have some general questions around grading, can you help?

Please visit How to Build Your Course in Brightspace as a refresher on all things grading. This lesson covers things such as resetting quizzes, exempting assignments, viewing student responses to quizzes and more.

Will my students’ data transfer with them from one section to another?

No, unfortunately when a student moves to a different section their work will not transfer with them. Prior to your student being unenrolled, and enrolled in another section, you would want to document student progress in your SIS or have the students “re-do” work in the new section.

I hid a content lesson, will all pertaining questions related to my hidden lesson be removed from quizzes and assessments?

No, the relevant quiz/test questions will not be removed. You do have the ability to remove those questions that are not relevant.

Are there suggested pacing guides available for Michigan Virtual courses?

Yes - please review this folder to find the pacing guide for the course you are looking for.

How can I send messages or emails to individual students or groups of students?

From any course, navigate to Course Admin > Classlist, then select the students to whom you’d like to send an email from the list and click “Send Email”. You can also access your messages while inside any course by clicking the envelope icon in the top menu.

When I view as a student, I see content that I hid, what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong! The purpose of viewing as a student is for the user experience through assessments and quizzes. If you have hidden content on the teacher side, your students will not see the content.

Is there an easier way to hide content instead of clicking on every lesson?

The lessons are built in a parent/child relationship.If you hide the Unit folder (parent) all activities under that folder (children) will be hidden. When you are ready to show unit content, you can unhide the parent folder and then hide lessons until you are ready for students to view them.

Can I maintain an instructor profile that students can view to learn more about me?

Yes. This can be updated by clicking your name from the top right corner within Brightspace, then clicking “Profile” to make changes. Here you can upload a profile picture, add contact information, and personal information that you’d like to share with your students.

I have a student who needs accommodations, is there a way to give students additional time to Michigan Virtuals pre-set limits?

Please view this tutorial on how you can accommodate for this situation.

I am a site administrator, is there a way for me to make a School wide Announcement in Brightspace?

Yes there is! Please visit the How to Post Announcements on Your School Homepage video so you are able to see how to accomplish this.

What are the differences between all of the training courses that I am enrolled in?

External Instructor Onboarding - PLP 
For new Districts who are using the Whole School model, all teachers are enrolled in either an 11 (self-hosted learning environment) or 18 (Michigan Virtual hosted environment) SCECH course. The nature of this course is to provide an introduction to Michigan Virtual courses, Brightspace, Instructional Design and more. This course is accessed in our Michigan Virtual Professional Learning Portal.
Community of Practice ongoing - PLP 
Your district may have elected to also offer a “Community of Practice” for your district. Once a month, a PD lesson along with a discussion board will be available. The 10 months of Professional Learning will allow for up to 10 SCECH to be awarded at the end of the offering. You will access this in the Professional Learning Portal as well

What does Michigan Virtual recommend for a text-to-speech option for Brightspace? I have attempted to add ReadSpeaker and it is not allowed.

Michigan Virtual commonly uses an application called ChromeVox, that you may find useful. For other recommendation to consider, please visit 10 Helpful Text-to_Speech Readers for Back to School.

How can I view when a user last accessed the system?

This can be done by using the Classlist tool. When viewing your Classlist, the rightmost column displays the date and time at which the student last accessed the system. If you are viewing the Classlist at the school level (specifically for system admins), this displays the date/time the user last accessed the school or department. If you are viewing the Classlist at the course level, this displays the last date/time the user last accessed that specific course.